Corrugated Sheets

What Are the Characteristics & Uses for Coroplast Corrugated Plastic Sheets?

Corrugated plastic is a fluted plastic that is lightweight but rigid. With its big rectangular flutes running the entire length of it, the corrugated plastic is extruded and has a very long outdoor lifespan.

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7 Common Uses for Coroplast Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Creating Custom Signs

Corrugated plastic signs are robust, and because of their water-resistant coating, they can withstand exposure to rain without losing their sharpness. Coroplast plastic signs are made for temporary outdoor use, so even after spending a long time in the sun, their colours won’t fade. Corrugated plastic from Coroplast is less expensive than other sign materials and they are perfect for repeated usage due to their light weight and ease of storage.

Building Pet Enclosures

Due to its adaptability, corrugated plastic is used to construct rabbit hutches and other domestic animal enclosures. Because it is non-absorbent and simple to clean, it gives a finish that requires very little maintenance. Fittings like hinges can be fastened to it.

Displaying Products in Retail and Tradeshows

Products are commonly displayed with Coroplast corrugated plastic sheets at retail stores and tradeshows. Businesses that need to quickly display a product can easily use corrugated plastic display stands. In fact, corrugated plastic display stands are an attractive method to display a variety of goods for customers and provide a huge space that may be utilized on a display or at an event. They are simple to store, custom, and constructed to fold when not in use, and they can be easily removed.

Creating Temporary Shelters

When it comes to repair or construction of temporary structures for use as clinics, schools, community centers, distribution or registration centers, way stops, offices, or storage corrugated plastic sheets can be used.

Packaging Products

Another benefit of Coroplast is that it is a good reusable packaging material. It can be made into dividers, bins, boxes, and totes. It is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor uses. Since it is strong, this makes it easy to hold heavy objects. Additionally, due to its durability, it can protect fragile things from the weather while being stored or moved.

Creating Small Structures

Smaller structures like greenhouses and sheds can also be constructed out of corrugated plastic sheets. Since light is essential for the growth of young plants, greenhouse made with corrugated plastic sheets can benefit from the transparency the material offers, especially since corrugated plastic makes it possible for light to enter the interior.

Building Templates

Corrugated plastic sheets are helpful as a template when building home projects. Since it is easy to cut and portable, it can be easily set up in place of the permanent materials to see how it will appear before installation. This will help reduce waste and save money and time on unnecessary changes or delays.

What Are the Characteristics of Corrugated Plastic Sheets?

Corrugated plastic sheets are made from a natural thermoplastic that can withstand chemicals, oils, water, and UV radiation at room temperature. Because of this, corrugated plastic sheets can withstand extreme weather conditions. Also, they are corrosion-resistant, making them a great solution for a variety of outdoor projects.

At normal temperatures, corrugated plastic is not susceptible to breaking and is quite impact resistant. At low temperatures, it becomes brittle, while at high temperatures, it softens and eventually melts.

Is Corrugated Plastic Recyclable?

People still ask this question: are coroplast sheets recyclable? Of course, corrugated plastic is 100% recyclable. Just make sure that all metal stakes, grommets, and other non-plastic attachments are removed before taking them to the recycling facility.

Corrugated plastic sheets can be recycled to make rakes, brooms, bicycle racks, bins, ice scrapers, oil funnels, trays, and other items.

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