Food Industry


PTFE coated fibreglass and silicone coated fibreglass fabrics and belts are widely used across the food processing industry because of their high heat tolerance, and ability to be kept clean.

PTFE coated conveyor belts maintain excellent release properties in high temperature environments – such as tortilla and pizza ovens.

Food Processing:

Canada Plastics & Belting inc supplies products which play an important role in the processing of a wide range of food products including:

Flour tortillas and Pizza crusts – When little or no oil is used in the process of baking food products such as flour tortillas and pizza crusts, the ingredients have a high propensity to bond to uncoated surfaces. This can ultimately compromise the cleanliness conveyor belt (or a belt with an inferior coating) and limit its useful lifespan. PTFE specialty coated materials offer superior release characteristics that make them easy to keep clean. Their high heat tolerance allows them to withstand the high heat environments of tortilla and pizza ovens where the temperatures can reach 288°C or 550°F

Pre-cooked Poultry, Beef and Pork – PTFE Coated Conveyor Belts are also used in the preparation (cooking) of meat products such as beef, pork and poultry where the coated belts offers resistance to bonding, offers excellent release properties and cleaning capability and withstands the high-heat environment of the bake ovens.

Food Packaging:

Canada Plastics & Belting Inc has been servicing the plastic packaging industry for many years with its full line of specialty coated materials including fibreglass and Silicon coated fabrics, belts, tapes and curtains.

The superior combination of strength, stability, high heat tolerance (from -73° to 288°C), excellent release and dielectric properties gives these products a wide range of uses across the food packaging industry. Some common applications of PTFE Specialty Coated Materials used within the food packaging industry include:

L-Bar and Straight Bar coverings – enable clean release from packaging material immediately following the heat seal and trim process

Shrink Tunnel liners – withstand heat, have excellent release properties and are easy to clean

Band Sealer liners – withstand heat, and release cleanly from packaging substrate.