Consumer Packaging

The Consumer Products industry encompasses the production of a vast range of items for common or daily use that are purchased by individuals or households for private consumption.


Application – Heat Shrink Packaging

Heat-Shrink Film is a very common packaging method used for consumer products. There are many examples including bottled beverages, binders, paper products, toys, tapes, hardware items, etc.

The multi-stage process begins with the product entering a heat shrink tunnel where it is encased within a layer of poly film. A heated L-Bar sealer then seals and cuts the wrapping material while a belt (usually silicone glass or open mesh PTFE) conveys the product into the heat-shrink chamber. Here the wrapped product is heated and the film is shrunk tight to the product.

Canada Plastics & Belting Inc supplies the Fabric or Tape which can be used to prevent build-up of molten poly on the L-Bar platen. Options include: Standard Non-Adhesive Fabric secured with a nip bar system; a Zoned Tape with Silicone Adhesive in strategic areas; or Full-Adhesive Backed Tape.


The Hardware & Safety Products industry includes items normally found at your local hardware store. Items range from mechanical fasteners such as bolts, washers, screws and nails to batteries, bandages, consumer electronics, pens and pencils.

Many are packaged in Blister Packaging, a pre-formed rigid or semi-rigid plastic enclosure that is also used in the packaging of many consumer goods. The blister or shell folds down on itself thus forming a clamshell style of blister pack. A variation of this type of packaging is a clear plastic shell (front) that is attached to a cardboard backing.

Application – Buffer Fabric for Heat-Sealing Elements

PTFE fabric is used as a buffer or protective layer that prevents the heated plastic from adhering to the platen or heating unit. This allows for the plastic to be sealed and clean removal of the heating unit.


This industry involves the packaging of lawn, garden, and agricultural products such as: peat moss, fertilizer, grass seed, manure, wood chips, and planting soil. These products are packaged in heavy poly (plastic) film bags and sealed with PTFE sealing bands.

Application – Form, Fill, and Seal of Heavy High Density Poly Bags

For the heavier bags that are needed for gardening and agricultural products, Form, Fill, and Seal machines use heavier films to form strong, flexible polybags. These and other heavier granular lawn and garden products typically require flexible packaging.

This type of packaging generally uses tear-resistant 2-ply band sealers to seal the pouches. Once filled, relatively wide and long two-ply sealing bands are used to heat-seal the heavy poly film pouches. The heat-sealing process causes the polyfilm to melt and adhere together, resulting in a secure seal.


Rock salt and salt pellets are processed, packaged and sold to meet a variety of purposes including water softening and de-icing for sidewalks and driveways. Due to their weight and coarse texture, salt products require strong, flexible poly packaging for containment, protection, and handling.

Application – Form, Fill, and Seal of Heavy High Density Poly Bag Pouches

Similar to lawn and garden products, form, fill, and seal equipment is used to seal heavy poly films to create strong flexible packaging to contain salt pellets and rock salt. Tear-resistant 2 ply band sealers are used to seal the pouches. Once filled, the heavy poly film pouches are heat sealed by two relatively wide and long two-ply sealing bands.


Cosmetics and personal care products are generally mixtures of chemical compounds, both synthetic and natural . Cosmetics are intended to be used directly on the body for the purposes of cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness, or altering the appearance without affecting the body’s structure or functions. The cosmetics industry includes companies that produce and/or package cosmetics.

Health & Beauty Products are substances used for healing and maintenance, cleaning and grooming. They include over-the-counter medicines, remedies, personal care items ( toothpaste, shaving cream, shampoo), and body care items such as lotions, skin moisturizers, and facial creams. Fragrances include perfumes and colognes that are designed to emit a pleasant odour.

Application – Heat Shrink Packaging of Cosmetics, and Health & Beauty Products

Heat Shrink tunnels are used to encapsulate products within a poly film. An L-Bar sealer accomplishes the heat seal, while a belt (usually silicone glass or open mesh PTFE) conveys the product into the heated chamber where the film shrinks snugly to the contours of the product.