White Acrylic Sheet

Product Code: White Acrylic Sheet

White Acrylic Sheet


  • Outstanding resistance to long-term exposure to sunlight and weathering
  • Thermoformable
  • Lightweight and rigid
  • Excellent optical properties
  • More impact resistance than glass
  • Low water absorption
  • Good electrical resistivity
  • Good UV resistance
  • Easy to glue and machine


Product Code Thickness Size
402 3mm 4ft x8ft
402 4.5mm 4ft x8ft
402 6mm 4ft x8ft
402 10mm 4ft x8ft
402 12mm 4ft x8ft
422 3mm 4ft x8ft
422 4.5mm 4ft x8ft
422 6mm 4ft x8ft
422 10mm 4ft x8ft
422 12mm 4ft x8ft
425 3mm 4ft x8ft
425 4.5mm 4ft x8ft
425 6mm 4ft x8ft
425 10mm 4ft x8ft
425 12mm 4ft x8ft

Dimension Information:

Please contact us if you have tighter dimension tolerance requirements than our standard tolerances listed below. Due to manufacturing and cutting tolerances, sheet length and width may vary by +/- 1/4″.Acrylic sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but variations are typically less than 5%.

Photos are for general reference only and not 100% color accurate.

Acrylic cast white sheets come in three shades of white.

425 is translucent but can Pass More Light,

422 is translucent but can Transfer More Light.

402 is opaque bright white.

Acrylic cast white sheets are available in many thicknesses and sizes, and cut to size options are available.Cast acrylic sheets are moisture resistant and 17 times stronger than glass, despite being half the weight.

Cast acrylic has a higher molecular weight than extruded acrylic, so it is a better choice for applications that require shaping, machining and laser cutting. Common uses for white cast acrylic sheets include signage, POP displays, photo light tables, drawing tables, and furniture.

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