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6 Benefits of Corrugated Plastic for Greenhouses

Corrugated plastic sheets are taking the construction and roofing industries by storm. They’re versatile, lightweight, and affordable alternatives to traditional building materials like glass and can be used for a number of industrial and commercial applications, including as a cover for greenhouses. Given the density and thermoplastic quality of this material, corrugated plastic for greenhouses is an ideal design solution.

Here are six reasons why corrugated plastic sheets work so well for greenhouses and roofing projects.

Perfect Combination of Form and Functionality

Corrugated plastic for roofing and greenhouses has all of the benefits of glass without any of the burden. Appearance-wise, it very closely resembles glass to give you that authentic greenhouse look and feel. The main difference is that it’s a lot more durable, lightweight, and easier to transport and install than glass. This makes corrugated plastic greenhouse and roofing sheets the ideal alternative.

Enhanced Optical Properties

Another way in which corrugated plastic roofing sheets closely resemble glass is that they’re highly photosensitive. That means they can illuminate a space with tons of natural lighting while still maintaining ideal internal temperature control. Not only does this make for better visibility, but it also filters out harmful UV rays from the sun and can help lower your electricity bills.

Low Maintenance Costs

Corrugated plastic sheets for roofing and greenhouses are extremely easy and affordable to maintain. Simply hose them down with water or a gentle cleaning solution to remove any stuck-on stains or dirt. Just be careful what kind of cleaning solutions you’re using as some store-bought brands may contain abrasive chemicals that can strip away the outer protective layer of the plastic.

Water and Weatherproof

Since corrugated plastic sheets are often used for outdoor applications, they’re designed to be able to withstand practically any strong weather conditions to which they’ll inevitably be exposed. This includes intense heat, below freezing temperatures, snow, ice, heavy rain, strong winds, hail, and so much more. While glass is likely to crack or get scratched when exposed to these extreme elements, corrugated plastic roofing sheets can actually hold their own and maintain a solid consistent shape.

Durable and Lightweight

As mentioned, corrugated plastic roofing and greenhouse sheets are incredibly durable yet lightweight, making them easy and affordable to transport onto any jobsite. For extra stability, corrugated plastic twin wall sheets consist of several layers of scratch and abrasion-resistant plastic that hold them together.

Environmentally-Friendly Roofing and Greenhouse Option

Although the production process could use a lot of improvements, corrugated plastic sheets are actually incredibly eco-friendly. They can be reused, recycled, and repurposed for a number of different applications across a variety of industries by simply cutting them down to size or reshaping them depending on the dimensions and specifications of the project.

Corrugated Plastic Sheet Suppliers Near Me

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