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Why Use Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets to Build Greenhouses?

polycarbonate sheet suppliersA greenhouse is a glass structure where you cultivate plants that require protection against the weather. Growing seasons can be prolonged and even improved with greenhouses since they act as a barrier between the environment and what you are growing. They offer protection from pests and extreme cold or heat.

The fact that a greenhouse may be used for a multitude of purposes is one of its best features. Fresh organic veggies, flowers, bulb plants, home plants, exotic plants, and various plants can all be grown in a greenhouse.

But what are greenhouses made of? Which type of sheet is the best for a greenhouse and why must you use twin-wall polycarbonate sheets to build greenhouses?

All these questions will be answered in this post. Read on!

Why Use Polycarbonate Twin-Wall Sheets?

There are several types of polycarbonate sheets: twin-wall, solid, corrugated, embossed, and mini-corrugated. A polycarbonate twin-wall sheet is, as the name suggests, made of a sheet of polycarbonate plastic material that is constructed using a twin-wall technique.

It consists of a support layer composed of plastic and two layers of plastic (polycarbonate) sheets that are joined together. The sheet can hold weight easily because of the added strength.

Benefits of Polycarbonate Twin-Wall Sheets

The material is also a good insulator due to the air spaces between the layers of polycarbonate. For the second layer of polycarbonate to affect the opposite side when there is too much heat on one side, it must first pass through the first layer of polycarbonate, the space between them, and then the second layer. This is one of the factors that contribute to its popularity for greenhouses and other similar projects where the need to trap heat is essential.

Polycarbonate sheets are one of the most adaptable materials available in the plastics sector. One of the greatest materials for greenhouses is polycarbonate because it is less expensive, more durable, and less prone to breaks or cracks compared to glass.

It is extremely durable and only absorbs a little amount of moisture, making it resistant to both impact and water damage. Additionally, it is chemical resistant and flame retardant. It is very flexible and 30 times stronger than acrylic and has 200 strengths when compared to glass. It doesn’t end there. Polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are also lighter and easier to shape than glass.

Another benefit of polycarbonate sheets is the material’s resilience to chemicals and scratches. The surface of polycarbonate is resistant to scratch, and since it doesn’t absorb moisture, it may be easily cleaned for use in food and medical applications. Its insulating properties are also excellent. It insulates better than glass, and this consequently helps reduce energy expenses.

One of the reasons to use twin-wall sheets for greenhouses is that it is transparent or clear, allowing light to travel through them without difficulty, making them perfect for any application where visibility or light transmission is needed. Though it is more transparent than fiberglass, it is not as clear as glass.

Twin-Wall vs. Multiwall: What’s the Difference?

Due to the fact that the twin-wall and multi-wall polycarbonate sheets share the same qualities, it might be tricky to tell them apart.

The number of plastic sheet layers that each of these two products are made of, however, is what distinguishes them most from one another. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets are made up of numerous layers of plastic sheets, as opposed to twin-wall polycarbonate, which is composed of two layers of plastic sheets joined with a support layer. This makes multiwall polycarbonate ideal for roofing, skylights, and other structures since it has better thermal insulation than twin-wall polycarbonate.

Contrarily, twin-wall polycarbonate is thin due to its two layers, making it ideal for greenhouses or sheds. It is also clearer, lighter, and more flexible, making it simple to install.

Additionally, because of its transparency, it has a great light transmission and excellent heat insulation, creating an environment that is ideal for plant growth.

How Strong Is Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Plastic?

The fact that twin-wall polycarbonate sheets have excellent strength is one of its main selling factors.

It is a product that is 200 times stronger than glass, 200 times lighter, and highly impact-resistant. Because of this, it is practically unbreakable and can withstand wind, hail, and other bad weather. This is why it is commonly used for greenhouses and roofing applications, especially in storm-prone areas or during severe weather conditions.

Can You Bend the Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Panel?

Yes, despite its strength, twin-wall polycarbonate may be bent or curved to fit the task at hand. However, be careful not to bend it across the width of the sheet. It can only be bent longitudinally.

Top Reasons to Use Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets to Build Greenhouses

  • Lighter in weight than Glass. Twin-wall polycarbonate is used frequently to construct greenhouses, thanks to its moderate weight. It weighs twelve times less than glass.
  • Keeps Heat Trapped. Twin-wall polycarbonate also retains heat inside the greenhouse, giving the plants a warm habitat to survive in. Additionally, it allows the plants to survive by transferring sunlight into the inside space.
  • Unbreakable. Twin-wall polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable even in extremely bad weather conditions such as storms. This means it is durable and will last longer and save you the cost of replacement in the event of a crack or dent.
  • Water Resistant. Additionally, twin-wall polycarbonate provides excellent water resistance. As a result, condensation in the greenhouse will be avoided. Rest assured that your plants are protected from damage from water.
  • Weather Resistant. Since greenhouses are frequently exposed to the weather, you’ll want a weather-resistant material to avoid hardening or yellowing.

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