Polycarbonate Sheet

What Are the Benefits of Polycarbonate Sheets for Your Greenhouse?

Polycarbonate Corraugated PanelsPolycarbonate is quickly becoming a top contending material to replace glass in a lot of different industries and applications, including greenhouses. Building a greenhouse with polycarbonate panels is a lot easier and more cost-effective than using glass for a number of reasons.

Greenhouse polycarbonate sheets are lightweight and easier to transport than glass. They’re also incredibly customizable and scratch-, abrasion-, and corrosion-resistant, which means they can provide protection and shelter for your plants for many years to come. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of installing polycarbonate panels for your greenhouse. 


Polycarbonate is about 250 times stronger than glass and can withstand all kinds of light and severe weather conditions including heavy winds, rain, snow, and even sleet. It’s completely shatterproof, which makes the transportation and installation process a breeze. Since the dimensions and shape can be customized according to the specifications of your structure, framing for polycarbonate panels is also fairly simple. 


Unlike glass, polycarbonate sheets are completely shatter-resistant, which means they won’t crack if they’re dropped or come into contact with hard objects such as a stone or rock that the wind blows toward them. 

Better Light Diffusion and UV Protection for Plants

Polycarbonate sheets help disperse natural light throughout your greenhouse more efficiently and evenly. This means that you won’t have to move your plants around or rotate them as much to ensure that all sides are getting even light exposure. Polycarbonate also filters out harmful UV rays from the sun, which prevents your plants from getting overexposure and drying out or getting burned.


Greenhouses are meant to keep plants insulated to help them absorb nutrients better and prevent root rotting or disease. Polycarbonate sheets have a significantly higher heat retention rating than glass, which means they can maintain the higher temperatures that certain plants require in order to be happy. Properly insulated greenhouses have a much lower heat loss capacity that makes them a much more effective alternative to glass.

Extend the Growing Season 

Better light diffusion means a much longer growing season for your greenhouse plants. Vegetable plants, in particular, will thrive for a lot longer. An extended growing season is great news for anyone who likes to grow and harvest their own food for personal or commercial use. Installing polycarbonate greenhouse panels will prove to be a great investment for gardeners of all skill levels as it will help keep your plants green and healthy a lot longer than if you were to use gas. Plus, polycarbonate requires very little to no maintenance other than the occasional cleaning with non-abrasive materials.


Glass is extremely expensive to produce and transport largely due to its heavy weight. Also, replacing glass if it breaks or gets cracked will only increase your construction costs. Polycarbonate is cheaper to make and transport because it’s so incredibly lightweight. Plus, the chances of breaking or damaging are incredibly low—you’d have to try very hard to get even the tiniest scratch on it. 

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