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What Are PVC Strip Curtains and Why Should You Install Them at Your Business?

PVC strip curtains clearWorkplace safety, productivity, and efficiency are all important factors that drive a business from the ground up, regardless of the environment or sector. If you’re looking for a feasible and affordable solution to enhance onsite safety standards and maximize efficiency and productivity, then PVC warehouse curtains are an excellent addition to your workplace.

What Are PVC Strip Warehouse Curtains?

PVC strip warehouse curtains are made of heavy-duty flexible industrial plastic that acts as a secondary barrier, a standalone door, or room divider in the workplace. Strip door curtains are extremely flexible and have a plethora of incredible benefits that can maximize the efficiency and productivity of your workplace while also reducing the risk of employee injury and contaminants entering into various areas that need protection.

PVC strip curtains are also extremely versatile and can be used in a wide range of work environments including retail storage areas, restaurants, and temperature-controlled atmospheres such as freezers, refrigerators, coolers, and shipping and receiving docks.

Top Reasons to Install PVC Strip Curtains in the GTA

PVC plastic curtains are the ideal choice for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. They’re versatile enough to work in virtually any environment and they can be retrofitted to suit the design demands of your workplace. To make sure you’re getting a top-quality product as well as reliable installation and maintenance services for your product, make sure to work with reputable PVC strip curtain door distributors in the GTA.

Here are some of the top benefits that high-quality PVC warehouse curtains boast.

Portable and Easy to Install

Contrary to what you might think, PVC plastic curtains are actually incredibly lightweight, which makes them easy to transport and carry. Moreover, they can be custom-made to accommodate the architectural design of your warehouse, facility, or commercial space with ease. PVC strip curtains are the ideal solution to divide certain workspaces, manage moisture levels, and prevent contaminants from getting in.

Cost-Effective By Minimizing Energy Usage

PVC strip curtains are also an excellent cost-saving solution for businesses that need to manage their energy usage and reduce their carbon footprint in a completely sustainable way. PVC plastic strip curtains are designed to maintain top-notch temperature control and reduce moisture levels to create a cool and comfortable working environment for your employees while also preserving product quality at all times. Hot and cold air, contaminants, and air pollutants are effectively blocked from entering into product storage areas, which also helps reduce your energy and operational costs significantly.

Noise Pollution Reduction

Another noteworthy benefit of installing PVC strip curtains in your warehouse or any other work environment is that it can reduce or contain noise levels. Working in a warehouse, distribution center, or any other environment that involves the use of heavy machinery like forklifts, transport trucks, dock levelers, cranes, hoists, etc. can get extremely loud. Noises such as sirens, trucks being loaded and unloaded, crewmembers speaking at loud volumes, and so on can all travel throughout the workplace.

This can become an issue if your warehouse happens to be attached to your sales office or headquarters where you also hold company and client meetings. Installing PVC strip curtains throughout your facility creates sound barriers that prevent noise pollution from travelling from your warehouse into your office space or showroom.

Complete Transparency

PVC plastic curtains are also completely transparent, which increases safety standards in your facility because they allow for a clear line of vision on both sides. This can reduce the risk of a potential collision if two or more employees need to access the same space coming from different directions. Another reason why transparency is vital in an industrial environment is because it allows workers to easily access and see what materials are being stored in each section rather than having to open doors that lead to temperature-controlled spaces and potentially letting in contaminants in the process.

Being able to see into a room or closed-off section from the outside saves employees a lot of time when it comes to reassessing their chosen route throughout the facility. It also allows employees on both sides to effectively communicate using designated hand signals who should approach and who should choose a different route. Plus, since the PVC plastic strip doors are so light weight, they require minimal effort and strength to pull them apart or push them forward. Considering the inherent physically labourious nature of working in a warehouse, distribution center, or production facility, this is an important feature that reduces some of the strain put on your workers’ bodies throughout the day.

Maximizes Space Management

Space management and functionality has always been a top priority in the supply chain and manufacturing industry. Maintaining proper inventory records helps businesses stay on top of their expenditures and storage space requirements. The need for physical and social distancing brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly created some challenges in typically close-knit workspaces. Warehouse managers have been forced to make some necessary changes to the layout of their facilities to accommodate the necessary physical distancing regulations. Installing PVC plastic door curtains to separate and protect certain product storage areas can also help eliminate or greatly reduce the spread of contaminants within your facility while also keeping workers safe.

Moveable Access

PVC plastic curtains have a lot of the same attributes of heavy-weight or wood doors in the sense that they keep warehouses and other industrial facilities organized and free of contaminants while maintaining temperature control, energy efficiency, and noise pollution levels. But there is one glaring difference—PVC curtains are a lot more lightweight and therefore easier to maneuver as needed, whereas doors are heavy and require a lot more effort to move. Plus, PVC plastic curtains have antimicrobial and antistatic properties that prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses from one individual to another.

PVC Strip Curtain Distributors in the GTA

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