Polycarbonate Sheet

What Are Polycarbonate Sheets and Why Are They So Popular?

polycarbonate-sheet-characteristics-benefitsPolycarbonate is one of the most versatile building materials in North America. It can be used for virtually any construction project that requires the installation of glass or a glass-like material (e.g. windows, skylights, etc.). Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of polycarbonate sheets to see why they’re the superior choice.

What Is Polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate is composed of a synthetic resin that links polymer units using carbonate groups—hence, the name polycarbonate. It’s a durable and versatile thermoplastic material that’s known for being mouldable and lightweight. It features a lot of the same qualities as construction-grade plastic and glass without being so stiff, fragile, and heavy. As a result, polycarbonate is one of the most widely used engineered thermoplastics in the world.

Characteristics of Polycarbonate Sheets


Polycarbonate sheets can be moulded for any type of use and application without compromising their strength, unlike certain types of plastic that can snap under pressure and with over usage. As a result, polycarbonate sheets are suitable for a wide variety of applications including roofing projects, installing windows, and more.

Lightweight Material

Polycarbonate sheets are lightweight, which means they’re easy to carry and maneuver around from your vehicle straight to the jobsite.

Impact Resistance

Despite being incredibly lightweight, polycarbonate sheets are also very strong and durable. Polycarbonate is much lighter than glass, which makes it easier to transport from one area to another, but it’s also a lot stronger, making it impervious to breakage. Polycarbonate’s lightweight and impact resistance capabilities make it the perfect material for eyewear and even bulletproof windows for high-security-risk places like banks.

Natural Lighting and Transparency

Just like plastic and glass, polycarbonate is completely transparent, which allows for natural lighting to come through. As a result, polycarbonate is a great alternative for greenhouses and even skyscrapers where natural lighting is highly desirable.


Not only is polycarbonate heat-resistant, but it can also be used in conjunction with other flame retardant materials while still maintaining its strength and structural integrity. Its heat-resistant capabilities make polycarbonate an ideal material for many engineering and construction projects that require working in hot outdoor conditions with heavy machinery that can become overheated.


As mentioned, polycarbonate is extremely durable and can withstand all kinds of applications and usage. It’s 250 times more durable than glass and plastic, making it virtually indestructible on jobsites. Since it has a high impact resistance rating, polycarbonate is often used to protect structures and their contents against extreme weather conditions such as heavy winds, rain, snow, and hail.

Easy Installation

Polycarbonate installation is quick and easy. The sheets can be cut and reshaped to fit within any support structure or frame and the hardware that comes with it makes for easy mounting.

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