Polycarbonate Sheet


polycarbonate corrugated panels in CanadaPolycarbonate corrugated panels are a favourite building and construction accessory for various commercial projects and homeowners engaged in DIY projects. Our A-1 quality polycarbonate corrugated panels in Canada are both lightweight and firm, which deliver phenomenal strength, flexibility, weather resistance, and light transmissions. As a noncorrosive industrial structural roofing and siding option, its ability to withstand high impact and function well under a broad temperature spectrum is favoured.




It is a common but prevalent material used for greenhouses because of its ability to transmit light and strength. Considering it can combat extreme temperatures without deteriorating, it also boasts a long life expectancy meaning and because of our supreme quality, it won’t need to be replaced as often as other materials. This is for sure a significant key factor which differentiates CANADA PLASTICS from other leading companies offering similar products.

Corrugated polycarbonate is available in numerous colours and can be used anywhere internal lighting depends on an external source. Because it consists of a lighting surface and can be used for partition walls, it’s also a popular tile for outdoor shelters, gardening sheds, and storage rooms.

Taking advantage polycarbonate sheets is almost unbreakable, U-V resistant, convenient for transportation and easily installed, they are the chicest decision you will make for many applications. Here we have enlisted some of the places you will see polycarbonate corrugated panels working aptly:

• Architectural structures
• Industrial plants
• Public buildings
• Skylights
• Canopies
• Partition walls
• Walkways
• Commercial greenhouses
• Porches
• Parking shelters
• Bus shelters

Our highly-advanced polycarbonate corrugated panels in Canada have ratified themselves to be quintessential material for various utilizations where one would require a robust yet ethereal material that permits light to pass through but not harsh weather.



How do corrugated polycarbonates stack up in comparison with fibreglass or PVC?

At first sight, many people find the materials analogous and almost interchangeable, but the truth is that CANADA PLASTIC’s finest polycarbonate corrugated panels in Canada have several distinct leverages over fibreglass or PVC.


It is cleaner and brighter to look at than fibreglass and doesn’t degrade in appearance over prolonged exposure to sunlight or other extreme elements. While polycarbonate is more prone to scratches than PVC, both fibreglass and PVC will start to dull in appearance over time while polycarbonate continues to look fresh and new.


As far as the installation of polycarbonate panels is concerned, the lightweight of the materials makes it extremely easy to carry, lift and fasten into places than other materials. This reduces labour costs for commercial factory owners and allows homeowners to manage their DIY projects more efficiently.

Strength and endurance:

A durable roof or partition wall means you are less likely to have to replace it repeatedly. Corrugated polycarbonate can withstand the most extreme climate and weather conditions. This explains why it’s commonly used to make bulletproof windows.
Corrugated polycarbonate will also withstand prolonged exposure to UV light without deteriorating or the colour getting faded. Because roofs spend a lot of time exposed to UV light – even when it’s cloudy outside – polycarbonate roofing panels are undoubtedly the best choice for outdoor structures.


Polycarbonate sheet is cleaner and less hazardous than other building materials such as fibreglass. Considering fibreglass can easily splinter, it can be dangerous to inhale. Instead, polycarbonate offers only small shaving that poses no health risks and is uncomplicated to clean up after construction.

Repurposing and the Environment:

After fibreglass experiences damage and needs to be replenished, the old material can not be reused. Recycling is possible, but it’s a complex procedure to complete safely and cheaply. PVC has more repurposing and recycling options by comparison.

Very much like PVC, polycarbonate can be repurposed in many instances and recycled or reused. Polycarbonate is an environmentally responsible choice compared to other building materials for construction.

We, at CANADA PLASTICS, hope that you are educated well enough about corrugated polycarbonate panels and must have understood why they are up-to-the-minute in the current times.

Our team of experts stand ready to answer all your queries and cater for you in finding the best material for your project. Contact us today from our website for more information on how corrugated polycarbonate can be the best solution for your needs and how we can help serve you and your products.