Sneeze Guards


Sneeze guards in CanadaYou’ve probably seen them at restaurant buffets and grocery store salad bars, in school cafeterias, and most recently at every grocery and retail store checkout. They are sneeze guards, and their job is to reduce the spread of airborne respiratory droplets. So what are sneeze guards, how do sneeze guards work, exactly how effective are they at stopping the spread of germs and where can
you get the most reliable sneeze guards in Canada? All of your questions related to sneeze guards will be answered thoroughly in this article.


What is a Sneeze Guard?

They are also widely known as sneeze barrier shields, sneeze guards shields are plastic shields used to create a barrier between human and food or other humans. Prior to the COVID’19 pandemic, you may not have given enough attention to sneeze guards at your local grocery store or buffet restaurant, but in today’s post-COVD’19 world, you can & miss them.

From the receptionist at the doctor’s office, to shopping malls, and practically everywhere else in between, seizure guards have become essential tools for business as usual post COVID’19. Sneeze guard sizes range in height and width based on different sneeze guard requirements. Though they are not lawfully required other than in the food industry they have made an impact in the following place;
 Medical facilities
 Pharmacies
 Gas stations
 Gyms and therapeutic settings
 Public transportation
 Receptionist desk
 Cash registers
 Bars and restaurants
 Schools
 Retail stores.


How Do the Best Sneeze Guards In Canada Work?

Sneeze guards act as a shield between two people or objects, protecting either one from airborne respiratory droplets expelled by sneeze, coughs, and breathing. Since germs from sneezing and coughs can travel at upwards of 50mphh and multiply by more than 8 million every day, these barriers are a crucial piece of protective equipment for businesses of all kinds to install in order to keep their doors open and stop the spread of germs.


Do the best Sneeze Guards in Canada Help?

You might be wondering “how do sneeze guards help?” Well, they help in a few different ways. Sneeze guards Carter as a visual social distancing reminder to respect other people’s physical space. They also create barriers where proper social distancing may not be possible. Since sneeze guards are space-specific, they don’t affect communication between individuals, making them a great protective gear in the workplace, in schools, businesses, and public places.

Much like face masks, sneeze guards also help protect individuals from exposure to other people’s germs. For example, if a person were to sneeze in the direction of a person who happened to be on the other side of the sneeze guard, chances are the sneeze guard will catch most of those airborne particles, exponentially abbreviating the chances of transmission. If, on the contrary, no sneeze guard is
present while the person sneezes, there is a 100% chance that the particle from the sneeze or cough will affect the person or object in their path.


Types of Sneeze Guards.

There are multiple sneeze guard styles to choose from and opt for the one that best fits the need of every space. School or workplace desks can benefit from our Sneeze Guard Shield for Student Desk. Receptionists or retail checkout desks can benefit from tabletop sneeze guards made with the pass-through opening to easily pass dockets, IDs, or payments through without overexposure
to customers and patients.

CANADA PLASTICS, located mainly in Toronto, has been in this industry for quite some time now and since the very beginning of this firm, our only and long-term policy has been centered around the quality and reliability of the product, and efficient service, and the gratification of our esteemed customers. At CANADA PLASTICS, we are one of the top sneeze guards manufacturers in
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