Polycarbonate Sheet

Common Uses for Polycarbonate Plastic You Might Not Know About

Polycarbonate Corraugated PanelsPolycarbonate plastic is one of the most dependable, resilient, and durable materials on the market. Not only can it be used for a number of commercial and industrial applications, but its unmatched flexibility and strength also make it ideal for a number of everyday uses that most people probably don’t know about. In fact, polycarbonate plastic is such a commonly used material, that you probably don’t even realize just how many applications and products it’s used for.

Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. is one of the premier polycarbonate sheet suppliers in North America. We supply our high-quality polycarbonate plastics to a number of manufacturers across various industries. Here are just some of the many uses and applications for polycarbonate plastic.

Fencing and Protective Barriers

Polycarbonate plastic is extremely durable and flexible to the extent that it has a high impact resistance rating. Given its incredible strength, polycarbonate plastic can be used to construct a variety of different types of fencing, protective barriers, and partitions. It’s commonly used for bulletproof barriers for banks, grocery stores, and other establishments. Plus, polycarbonate is also the material of choice to serve as a protective barrier in ice skating and hockey arenas.

Storefront Windows

With its incredible UV and sunlight protection capabilities, polycarbonate plastic is also commonly used for storefront windows, banks, and other public-facing businesses. Its transparency allows businesses to display products and it allows passersby to see inside without overheating the interior and causing sun damage or discolouration to the products.

Safety Glasses

Polycarbonate plastic is flame retardant, heat resistant, chemical-resistant, and can sustain large amounts of impact. These qualities make it the perfect material to use for the manufacturing of high-performance safety goggles and glasses that are used in a variety of applications, including woodworking, science labs, construction sites, welding, mining, and more.

Building and Construction

As a true testament to its durability and resilience, polycarbonate is over 200 times stronger and more impact-resistant than glass. It’s also a lot more flexible and affordable than glass and it can be customized to fit pretty much any building mould. That’s why it’s often used as a glass alternative in many building and construction applications. Given its incredible strength, flexibility, and insulation capability, polycarbonate is the top choice for transparent walkways and skylights in buildings.

Room Dividers

Another benefit of polycarbonate plastic sheets is that they’re lightweight, especially compared to other materials like glass. This makes them easy to transport and install wherever they’re needed. As a result, polycarbonate is the top material of choice for big and small room dividers. It’s typically used to divide office cubicles or as a sneeze guard in grocery stores and restaurants.

Polycarbonate Sheet Suppliers in Canada

Whether you need a durable and resilient material for an at-home DIY project or a major construction development, there’s a reason that Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. is one of the most trusted suppliers of transparent, frosted, and twin wall polycarbonate sheets in North America. All of our products are custom designed and manufactured in Canada, which is how we’re able to keep our prices low and ensure consistently excellent customer service. To learn more about our products and services, please feel free to contact us.