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Benefits of Using Twin-Wall Polycarbonate Sheets in Your Next Project

COVERED BASEMENT ENTERANCETwin-wall polycarbonate sheets, which are also known as multiwall sheets, are the ideal material choice for a variety of commercial construction and at-home DIY projects. They’re incredibly durable, yet lightweight, and they offer exceptional light transmission, which makes multiwall sheets great for greenhouses. Whether you’re running a professional operation or working on a personal project, working with the right polycarbonate sheet suppliers in Ontario makes a world of difference. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of multiwall sheets for greenhouses and other applications.

Lightweight and Easy Application

One of the biggest advantages of using polycarbonate twin-wall sheets for various construction and DIY applications is that it’s extremely lightweight without compromising on durability and impact-resistance. The lightweight feature makes it easy to transport, lift, and install polycarbonate sheets and seamlessly incorporate them into the design of your structure. The rigidity of the material itself ensures that the structure will be capable of withstanding a wide range of external elements that it may come into contact with such as wind, rain, and snow.

Polycarbonate sheets come in a standard size, but they can easily be cut down to the desired shape and size that each individual project demands. Since the material is extremely durable, it can be altered or customized without cracking or splitting and will still hold its shape throughout the process.

UV Ray Protection

For decades, glass was the first choice for building greenhouses and other large structures. But all of that is changing now. Glass is being replaced with a far superior, more durable and flexible material: polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate offers unparalleled UV protection and excellent even heat distribution throughout your greenhouse structure to ensure the health and longevity of all of your greenery.

Multiwall sheets for greenhouses protect your plants from harmful UV rays which can burn their leaves and prematurely dry out the soil while emitting enough light to allow for the effects of photosynthesis to prevail. Glass, on the other hand, reflects the light from the sun which can cause greenhouses to overheat.

Light Transmission

Polycarbonate sheets share a lot of similarities with glass in the sense that they’re transparent and allow for extensive light transmission. The main difference between the two materials is that polycarbonate is lightweight, much easier to handle and install, and it distributes light more evenly than glass without causing the structure to overheat.

Essentially, polycarbonate sheets offer better temperature control for enclosed spaces such as buildings and greenhouses while providing exceptional natural lighting. From greenhouses to structural skylights and windows, polycarbonate sheets are capable of doing everything glass does, but with higher performance levels and greater durability.

Energy-Efficient Materials to Keep Heat In

Twin-wall sheets are also far more energy efficient than glass. They get their name from the structural design of the sheets. Each sheet is comprised of three layers: two external smooth sheets and one internal honeycomb sheet, giving you three layers of material to prevent heat from escaping your structure and external temperatures from penetrating through. The honeycomb layer also adds to the durability of the structure, preventing it from collapsing in on itself when pressure or high impact is applied.

It’s been proven that twin-wall polycarbonate sheets are capable of improving structural energy-efficiency by about 50%, which also helps keep your monthly heating bills low.

Virtually Unbreakable Material

As one of the most flexible glass alternatives on the market, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are virtually unbreakable and impervious to minor damages such as cracks or chips. Even when exposed to the harshest external conditions and elements such as heavy snowstorms, ice storms, or hailstorms, polycarbonate can still hold its own with minimal to no damage.

Unlike glass, polycarbonate can withstand virtually anything you throw at it, whether it’s stray balls from kids playing nearby or Mother Nature herself. Due to its unparalleled durability and strength, polycarbonate is one of the most affordable building materials on the market and very rarely needs to be replaced or repaired, which makes it the ideal choice for a number of indoor and outdoor applications.

It Can Be Used as Room Dividers

In addition to facilitating healthy plant growth and providing excellent natural lighting, twin-wall polycarbonate sheets also serve as great room dividers for offices and cubicles. Whether you prefer transparent or frosted dividers for added privacy between workstations, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are an affordable and virtually indestructible solution that’s also extremely easy to install. Frosted polycarbonate sheets give your employees the privacy they need to be productive without diminishing desirable and energy-inducing natural lighting.

Fire Resistance

For increased structural safety, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are also chemical and fire-resistant. Additionally, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are also made of non-toxic materials, which means they don’t release harmful gases when they’re exposed to extreme temperatures. As a result, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are perfect for installation in high-traffic public places that may be prone to fires and other environmental hazards.

In addition to being fire-resistant, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets also manage to hold their form when exposed to extreme heat and won’t collapse in high-pressure circumstances.

Incomparable Flexibility

Despite boasting extreme durability and rigidity to a certain degree, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are also highly flexible when the situation calls for it. These sheets are capable of being bent, cut, and reshaped to fit any structural requirement and ensure complete stability.

Polycarbonate twin-wall sheets also resemble glass, so they can help maintain a strong aesthetic structural appeal in addition to superior versatility and strength.

Completely Weather-Resistant Material

Unlike glass, polycarbonate twin-wall sheets are completely impervious to even the harshest weather conditions including snow storms, ice, wind, hail, and heavy rain. Glass is pretty durable in its own right, but continued exposure to inclement weather conditions could eventually cause it to crack or chip whereas polycarbonate, which is a form of industrial plastic, is specifically formulated to withstand the elements.

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