Sneeze Guard Suppliers in Toronto

As the demand for commercial PPE (personal protective equipment), cleaning solutions, and sneeze guards continues to grow, Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. is employing strong measures to maintain the efficiency and quality of our product line. Our core specialty has always been to provide high-quality and effective sneeze guards made of various materials that can be customized according to the needs of our customers. That’s something that will never change.

As one of the leading sneeze guard suppliers in Toronto and the GTA, we’re committed to providing our clients with high-end partitions that protect businesses, essential workers, and their customers.

What Are Sneeze Guards?

Also known as cough shields or protective barrier shields, sneeze guards are Plexiglas (acrylic) or glass partitions that are designed to protect products—especially food items—and the general public from coming into contact with respiratory droplets of other people. Traditionally, sneeze guards were mostly used in the food service industry such as restaurants, grocery stores, and food production lines as well as medical facilities housing patients with high contagious diseases.

More recently, sneeze guard applications have expanded to pretty much every industry that requires face-to-face human contact including retail, warehousing, distribution, and so much more. Sneeze guards come in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and colours to suit the aesthetic and functional requirements of each business. Given the fact that they’re in higher demand than ever before, sneeze guards have become extremely versatile and their modular nature is a huge asset.

Discover Our Expansive Sneeze Guard Product Line

Committed to durability and quality, Canada Plastics and Belting Inc. offers a versatile line of sneeze guard products that are ideal for virtually any application. We offer the following sneeze guard options that can be used in medical, hospitality, retail, office, fitness, warehousing, and educational facilities:

  • Freestanding sneeze guard barriers
  • Corner sneeze guard
  • Sneeze guard shield for student desk
  • Standard sneeze guard and protective counter barrier in a variety of sizes
    – 24” W x 32” H
    – 32” W x 24” H
    – 32” W x 32” H
    – 32” W x 36” H
    – 36” W x 36” H
    – 48” W x 32” H
    – 48” W x 36” H

If you need a specific size dimension that’s not mentioned here, feel free to speak to one of our knowledgeable product experts as we also take custom orders.

Our sneeze guards are designed to give you, your employees, and your customers peace of mind during their time spent in your establishment. Best of all, they’re easy to clean and can sustain prolonged exposure to harsh virus-killing chemicals to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Contact Us for All of Your Professional Sneeze Guard Needs

Your search for a sneeze guard barrier supplier in Toronto ends here. High-quality sneeze guard barriers from Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. are durable and flexible enough to withstand all kinds of usage in various indoor and outdoor environments. Our modular Plexiglas designs are lightweight, durable, and rigid without breaking easily and they can be cut to size with a saw or router. To learn more about our products, call us at (426) 291-3036, toll-free at 1-866-399-4835, email, or visit our showroom in Scarborough.