PTFE Conveyor Belts in Ontario

PTFE stands for Polytetrafluoroethylene. It’s made out of synthetic polymer resin, which consists of carbon and fluorine. Alternate names for PTFE include: Polyflon, Hostaflon, and Fluon.

Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. specializes in distributing high-quality premium-grade PTFE/Teflon-coated glass fabrics, tapes, and conveyor belts that are ideal for industrial and commercial use. We also provide Teflon sealer belts and tapes for the plastic bag manufacturing industry.

Characteristics and Applications of PTFE Conveyor Belts


  • High and low temperature resistance (up to 260 degrees and as low as -70 degrees), weather-resistant, anti-aging
  • Non-adhesive and easy-to-clean— all sticky substances like grease, stains, and other substances such as resins, paints, and paste can be cleaned off
  • Chemical-resistant, including acids, alkalis, corrosive aqua regia, and various other organic solvents
  • Excellent dimensional stability with a coefficient extension of less than 5 degrees.
  • Resistant to bending fatigue
  • Non-toxic
  • Fire retardant
  • Excellent permeability for reduced heat consumption, and improved drying efficiency


  • Textile and printing industry: printing, drying, dyeing cloth, shrinking, and drying fabrics, non-woven bake drying, and drying room conveyor belts
  • Screen printing: pine dryer, offset printing, UV curing machine, paper, oil drying, UV drying, plastic silk screen drying, and bake drying room conveyor belt
  • Other Applications: high-frequency drying, microwave drying, freezing and thawing of various food items, baking, heat shrink packaging materials, general moisture dry goods, flux type fast drying ink, and drying room conduction band

What Makes Our PTFE Custom Conveyor Belts Unique?

Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. partners with world-class and renowned manufacturers of PTFE-coated glass fabrics, tapes, belts, and screening supplies to ensure that our clients only get top-quality products that meet their application needs and expectations.

We use a variety of industry-standard manufacturing techniques such as PTFE mesh belt jointing and materials including smooth PTFE fabric, Kevlar, PTFE mesh, and silicone rubber for custom conveyor belt applications and finishes across numerous industries.

Materials used include a stainless steel buckle clasp connector, Kevlar cloth belt edges, a carabiner connector, and Kevlar fabric.

Explore Our Range of High-End Custom Industrial PTFE Conveyor Belts and Belting Supplies

We offer 4×4 open area mesh that go as wide as 5,000 mm and can be supplied at any length required for your operation. Depending on the specifications of your project, we can also apply Kevlar, film, or glass as needed for additional edge reinforcement based on the type of industrial production environment.

In addition to conveyor belts, we also offer the following high-quality PTFE belting supplies:

  • PTFE adhesive tapes
  • PTFE sealers

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