Polycarbonate Sheet Suppliers in Ontario

Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. is proud to be one of the most trusted and reliable polycarbonate sheet suppliers in Ontario. We also offer a wide range of high-quality polycarbonate roofing panels, polycarbonate twin wall sheets, and polycarbonate solid sheets that are perfectly suited for different types of indoor and outdoor applications.

Whether you’re planning on adding a new structure such as a gazebo, detached garage, shed, or pergola to your home or performing an industrial construction job, our polycarbonate corrugated twin wall panels are second to none. Compared to other similar materials such as glass or acrylic, they’re virtually indestructible and can withstand extreme cold and hot temperature fluctuations, which makes them perfect for Canadian climates.

Premier Polycarbonate Lexan Sheet Suppliers in Ontario

At Canada Plastics & Belting Inc., we only work with industry-leading and renowned construction material manufacturers to ensure the long-lasting quality and unmistakable craftsmanship of our products. With that said, all of our polycarbonate PC materials are expertly crafted by Lexan, one of the leading manufacturers of polycarbonate plastic materials.

Polycarbonate has an anti-UV coating that protects structural interiors from prolonged sun exposure and damage. It’s approximately 250 times stronger than glass and acrylic, making it far more durable than glass and acrylic. Polycarbonate is also extremely lightweight and flexible, which makes transportation from warehouse to jobsite a lot easier and more efficient. Installation is also extremely easy and convenient.

Depending on the size and shape, as well as the nature of the project itself, polycarbonate roofing panels or sheets can be installed in a very short period of time with minimal tools and manpower.

Why Choose Our Polycarbonate Sheets?

Choosing Canada Plastics & Belting Inc. not only ensures that you’re getting a premium product for a fair, affordable, and competitive price, but it also means getting top-notch and reliable customer service. Whatever your job entails—whether it’s a DIY home project or professional installation—our knowledgeable product experts can make excellent recommendations and offer useful tips along the way.

Explore Our Range of Polycarbonate Products

We offer a wide range of customizable polycarbonate products in an assortment of sizes and colours that suit your various product requirements. Here are the corrugated polycarbonate panels that we always keep in stock:

Price Per Sheet   
6 mm x 4 ft x 8ft Clear $65 (Coming Soon)
6 mm x 5 ft x 12ft Clear $105 In Stock
6 mm x 4 ft x 8ft Smokey $70 In Stock
6 mm x 4 ft x 8ft Brown or Bronze $70 In Stock
8 mm x 5 ft x 12 ft Clear $120 In Stock
10 mm x 4 ft x 8 ft Clear $90 In Stock
10 mm x 4ft x 8ft Brown $85 In Stock
10 mm x 4 ft x 12 ft Clear $110 In Stock
H-Channels 6 mm ($25 x 10 ft) ($30 x 12 ft) In Stock
H-Channels 8 mm ($30 x 12 ft) In Stock
H-Channels 10 mm ($25 x 10 ft) In Stock
U-Channels 6 mm ($25 x 10 ft)($30 x   12ft) In Stock
U-Channels 8mm ($30 x 12 ft) In Stock
U-Channels 10 mm ($25 x 10 ft) In Stock
Screws & Washers with   neoprene rubber 6 mm $0.45 each In Stock
Screws & Washers with neoprene   rubber 10 mm $0.65 each In Stock
Breathable Ventilated Tapes $15 each     In Stock

Our Lexan polycarbonate clear sheets are all made in the USA and have high impact resistance, are durable, are easy to drill, don’t crack under pressure, and are UV resistant. They can also easily be cut with a saw or CNC. Applications include:

  • Sneeze guards
  • Shield barriers
  • Wall hanging barriers

To learn more about our extensive polycarbonate product line and numerous customization options, please feel free to give us a call at (416) 291-3036, toll-free at 1-866-399-4835, email us at info@canada-plastics.com, or visit our showroom in Scarborough.